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We are practicing psychologists and therapists Ben Kalkhoven - Amsterdam, Matty van Roozendaal - Amsterdam, Maria Stella - The Hague, Suzana Cvetković - Eindhoven, Francine Wong - Amsterdam, Annebet Nolen, Doesjka Tromp - Haarlem, Monique Koel and Ramo de Boer - Utrecht.

Francine Wong

psycholoog-amsterdam-francineI will help you to get to know yourself better. During our sessions you will notice that I will stand by your side and that I will support you along the way. Together we will find a way to make things different.

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Ben Kalkhoven


Most problems tend to have simple solutions when perspective is shifted. I do not try to force the issue; we travel the path together. In many cases my profession is considered a ‘cold’ one, reduced to practical models, effective methods and calculated results. These are handy, important and often useful. But without being applied in a loving and caring way, they miss the target.

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Matty van Roozendaal


Close ones always tended to visit me when they had a problem or something that they couldn’t figure out for themselves. It always felt natural to help others (family, friends, colleagues), and yet i never occured to me to become a psychologist. Since I became one, I have the opportunity to work in a way that suits me. I can be personal, committed and work with the same dedication that helped family, friends and colleagues in the past.

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Maria Stella

Therapist The Hague The most distinctive aspect of the way I work is probably my personal approach. I work with a patient, not a problem. Each individual has his or her own strengths and talents to grow and overcome a particular situation.

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Suzana Cvetković

Psychologist Eindhoven The way I live my life, is how I am in my work: with a need to grow, to enhance and to enrich. I can help you move forward when you find yourself in difficult circumstances.

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Annebet Nolen

Therapist RotterdamMy practice in Rotterdam is the place where clients have the space, the freedom and the confidence to deal with difficult inner issues. In working with clients I find true daily fulfilment of my work and life.

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Doesjka Tromp

DoesjkaThe beauty of my work is that it keeps me curious. Every person is unique and each healing process different. It's in my nature to connect with people on a deeper level and I enjoy helping others to find their own strength and purpose back. Sometimes we need to change to become more like ourselves. Hard times can be bent to serve us, even if we don't yet know how.

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Monique Koel

Psychologist LeidenI believe that, as a therapist, it is my strength to help you realize that your story is worth telling and that you can influence how you and others interpret each chapter.

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Ramo de Boer

ramo My approach is warm and direct, experiential and process-oriented with emphasis on alert presence in the here-and-now. Using a simple and effective model together we make a hypothesis about the underlying cause of your experiences and behavior in the current situation.

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Not alone any longer ...
For all of us, there are times when we could do with some help. Help in finding new perspective, in learning how to cope, in regaining control over our own lives. We can work our way around many of the obstacles we face in life alone or with a little help from family and friends. But not all of them.

Some problems and questions in life leave you solitary. And no matter how much effort you put into ‘fixing this’, you cannot do it alone. And you don’t have to. We offer dedicated guidance in therapy and coaching. From now on, you’re not alone anymore.

Professional psychological help, and personal involvement
We all have university degrees in psychology or psychotherapy and, with more than twenty years ‘in the field’, we can honestly say that we are an experienced group. We are registered with a number of different professional organizations, including the Dutch Institute of Psychologists, and we work in accordance with the proficiency requirements and professional codes of those organizations.

Don’t hesitate
Our advice to you right now is to ‘call us or send us an email’. This is the fastest and most effective way of finding out how we can help you.

Don’t worry about feeling awkward, having trouble formulating your questions or sounding ‘vague’. Our job and our responsibility are to identify, define and describe your situation. The feelings of discomfort that you’re experiencing right now are reason enough for you to get in touch with us.

If you would like to know more about certain problems and treatments, here are some informative pages that will hopefully supply you with the information you need. But again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Personal, professional and dedicated
We are here for you. In other words, we are truly concerned, and interested. This is not simply ‘a job’ to us. We care about your well-being; it is important to us. This is why our work is not aimed at ‘patching you up’, but at actually resolving your problems, helping you grow and giving you the tools you need to cope in the future.

We hope that you have found the information that you were looking for. Do you have further questions or would you like to know whether we can help you? Phone us for an appointment or send an email.

We are member of:

member NIP

Dutch Institute of Psycholo-gists.

member NVPA

Dutch Alliance of psycho-logists and psychotherapists.

member NOBCO

Dutch Order of Professional coaches.

Client experiences

“No other psychologist or therapist was able to do anything for me. Working with Ben, I went on a fabulous journey of discovery and discovered new depths in myself that I never knew I had.” John

“I have been able to gain insight into my problems and do something about them. Therapy was practical. I immediately applied it to my daily life.” T.v.D.

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