Expat Psychologist

Client testimonials

A number of clients have written about their Expat Psychologist experiences.

“No other psychologist or therapist was able to do anything for me. Working with Ben, I went on a fabulous journey of discovery and discovered new depths in myself that I never knew I had. I really need these exercises. I am about to embark on an exciting and difficult period, and want Ben’s support.”

Matty lends a sympathetic ear and knows how to put me at my ease. She listens to me and empathizes with me. With a refreshing down-to-earth attitude, she breaks down complicated issues into realistic, clear steps in a short space of time! She is honest and open about her (in)capabilities and always keeps her promises.”

“Ben is a true psychologist. He listens more than he speaks and quickly arrives at the root of the problem. He teaches you that it’s OK to be who you are. With Ben’s help, I have found my true self. You can to him about anything without feeling embarrassed. When you talk to Ben, you make progress regardless of your problem. If you need (better) insight into yourself and your potential, Ben can help.”

“I have seen several therapists, only now do I feel like I’m being heard.”

“Everyone needs a “Matty”.”

“I have been able to gain insight into my problems and do something about them. Therapy was not airy-fairy, but practical. I immediately applied it to my daily life.”

“Being around Matty was healing in itself.”

“Thanks to her I got through this difficult period.”

“I received non-judgmental, positive and wise advice. Matty has an inspiring and interesting personality and is a good listener. She is honest and friendly and, above all, an optimist.”

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