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Depression treatment and counseling

You are depressed, you feel alone
You are bleak, dejected, and have been feeling ‘empty’ for quite some time. Maybe you have trouble sleeping, and, as a result, feel fatigued. You are worried and irritable, and you find it increasingly difficult to concentrate.

Often, people who feel depressed shut themselves off from those who are closest to them but who could, in fact, help them.

Break the silent struggle
It is very difficult to know for sure whether you are depressed. These feelings can be easily dismissed, ‘a good night’s sleep will work wonders’, or ‘I just need to get my act together again’. But each day it gets harder to cope and it becomes increasingly difficult to talk about it. The struggle becomes quieter and internalizes.

If you have these symptoms and feelings, you should talk to a psychologist. Break your silent struggle.

Why do I feel depressed?
Feelings of depression can come from anywhere. Sometimes a bad experience will turn into a situation that presents itself with symptoms of depression. On the other hand, from the outside looking in, it may seem that life is going the way you want it to, yet on the inside you still feel bad.

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Client experiences

“No other psychologist or therapist was able to do anything for me. Working with Ben, I went on a fabulous journey of discovery and discovered new depths in myself that I never knew I had.” John

“I have been able to gain insight into my problems and do something about them. Therapy was practical. I immediately applied it to my daily life.” T.v.D.

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