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About meditation
There are countless ways of meditating. Buddhist, Hindu and Tao methods are just a few. Within these methods, there are again various ways, streams and convictions. Not all these forms have the same effect. Fortunately, the results are generally extremely positive.

Intense internal processes
Many meditative processes strengthen the inner process. Sometimes you are trapped by the experiences and emotions that these processes set in motion. If this occurs, you would be wise not to continue down the meditative path on your own. Together, we can give meaning to what has happened. And we can follow up on what has happened through meditation.

Sometimes meditation doesn’t help
We have 20 years worth of experience in meditation and psychological guidance. This experience has taught us that some forms of meditation have a detrimental effect on internal symptoms. Self-treatment may give you serious problems.

Meditation Amsterdam helps and enriches
Those who practice meditation know how enriching it can be. Meditation is a gift that you give to yourself that, in fact, everyone should grant themselves. We are convinced that we can help you further down your meditative path. Whether you are a beginner, or have been meditating for years, we can help you gain more depth, clarity, and inner riches from your meditation.

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I am trained in traditional Western psychology but I also use Oriental insights, from Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism.
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