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About Ben - Psychologist in Amsterdam


bennI was born with psychology inside of me. I come from a family of caregivers – people who live consciously. I learned to look deeper from an early age. To study psychology was a natural progression.

After graduating from the VU in Amsterdam, I didn’t immediately start practicing as a psychologist. In my mind, I was too young and inexperienced. I enrolled for a postgraduate course in Business Administration at Nyenrode, after which I worked as a consultant and interim manager.

The deepening
Life hasn’t been all plain sailing. At times, psychology and meditation offered the perspective and enlightenment that I needed. I was never afraid to ask for help when I needed it. Now, I use these experiences to help others.

How I work in Amsterdam
Most problems tend to have simple solutions when perspective is shifted. We don’t force the issue; we travel the path together. My attention and involvement are genuine. I look after you, along with you. What we actually undertake differs per person. I am trained in traditional Western psychology but I also apply Oriental methods, from Buddhism and Hinduism to Taoism. That scope of treatment options gives you and I the space to come up with an approach that is best suited to you and that will work for you.

With love
I work with love. Not only love for my profession, but also for my clients and the path we walk together. In many cases my profession is considered a ‘cold’ one, reduced to practical models, effective methods and calculated results. These are handy, important and often useful.
But without being applied in a loving and caring way, they miss the target.
Remember, it’s about you!

"Everyone has a hidden psychologist inside of him, and that’s the person I like to work with."


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