Expat Psychologist

About Matty - Psychologist in Amstelveen

The psychologist in memvr
People always looked me up when they had a problem or something that they couldn’t figure out for themselves. I am a natural at helping others (family, friends, colleagues), and yet it never occurred to me to become a psychologist.

I started out as a career advisor. Subsequently, I followed various career paths in the ICT sector and business world. But, helping others kept coming back, time and time again. Then, at the age of 47, I turned that natural talent into a profession: I received my degree in psychology and, in 2008, I opened my own psychology practice.

Fantastic work
From day one, I felt at home in this practice in Amsterdam. I now have the opportunity to work in a way that suits me. I can be personal, committed and work with the same dedication that helped family, friends and colleagues in the past. I couldn’t do it any other way. I believe that my clients are entitled to my attention and concentration. As a result, many people who work with me are quickly at ease and feel understood and supported.

I don’t merely listen. I really understand what you are saying. I have learned that very few people actually listen and that, as a psychologist, one must always do one’s best. So I do. I owe it to myself, but I also believe that my clients deserve it.

I have a positive attitude to life and start with trust.


If you have questions or would like to know whether I can help, call me or email me for an appointment.