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Ramo de Boer – Coach, Therapist and Trainer

ramoMy approach is warm and direct, experiential and process-oriented with emphasis on alert presence in the here-and-now. Using a simple and effective model together we make a hypothesis about the underlying cause of your experiences and behavior in the current situation.

I help you with training your perception (awareness), testing the hypothesis and give short assigments so that you can implement your insights in your daily (work) life and research. The goal is to get more insight through improved perception in your part in the outcome of situations, and to allow you to adapt your behavior and increase the quality of the result for you and the others.

In addition to Western philosophy, psychology and Gestalt Therapy I draw from Buddhist psychology with its wealth of techniques and practical insights to apply in daily life. It is aimed to train your mind to enable the development of our wisdom and compassion into a daily habit. The vision that inspires me most is the non-dualistic. We find this in essence reflected in traditions like the Tibetan- and Zen Buddhism, Taoism and Advaita Vedanta. It is based on the inextricable interconnectedness of everything, and the importance of understanding the interaction of ourselves with our surroundings.

Work experience

Since the '80s I work as a therapist, coach, trainer and supervisor. I trained and worked with indivdual-, relationship- and group therapy, trainings with men, trainings for managers (m/f), individual and team coaching. Worked as a management trainer at GITP and was 10 years educator and staff member at training Institute Multidimens (Gestalt Therapy and Coaching). I integrate my knowledge and experience with meditation and mindfulness in my activities.

Themes or problems I work with
Lack of meaning in life, Addiction, Conflict, Burnout, Chronic Stress Reaction, Chronic fatigue, Lack of motivation, Hopelessness, Anxiety, Hypochondria, Relationship problems, Loneliness, Fears, Awareness, Conflict, Loneliness, Anxiety, identity, life questions, Narcissism, negative self-image, negative thoughts, Unrest, Perfectionism, Personal Development, Worry, Psychological symptoms, Relationship, Spiritual Development, Stress, Addiction, Meaning Questions.

Methods and techniques
Coaching, Gestalttherapy, Body Psychotherapy, Selfreflection, Contemplation, Meditation, Mindfulness.

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We are member of:

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Dutch Institute of Psycholo-gists.

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Dutch Alliance of psycho-logists and psychotherapists.

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Dutch Order of Professional coaches.

Client experiences

“No other psychologist or therapist was able to do anything for me. Working with Ben, I went on a fabulous journey of discovery and discovered new depths in myself that I never knew I had.” John

“I have been able to gain insight into my problems and do something about them. Therapy was practical. I immediately applied it to my daily life.” T.v.D.

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