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Francine Wong

psycholoog-amsterdam-francineI will help you to get to know yourself better. During our sessions you will notice that I will stand by your side and that I will support you along the way. Together we will find a way to make things different.

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Ben Kalkhoven and Matty van Roozendaal

Most problems tend to have simple solutions when perspective is shifted. We don’t force the issue; we travel the path together. In many cases my profession is considered a ‘cold’ one, reduced to practical models, effective methods and calculated results. These are handy, important and often useful. But without being applied in a loving and caring way, they miss the target.

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Maria Stella

Therapist The Hague The most distinctive aspect of the way I work is probably my personal approach. I work with a patient, not a problem. Each individual has his or her own strengths and talents to grow and overcome a particular situation.

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Ingela Sjogren

Therapist The Hague I was born the second of three children to a Swedish father and a German mother. I have lived in The Netherlands for quite some time but, looking back, diverse cultural backgrounds and migration are a continuous theme in my life.

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Suzana Cvetković

Psychologist Eindhoven The way I live my life, is how I am in my work: with a need to grow, to enhance and to enrich. I can help you move forward when you find yourself in difficult circumstances.

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Annebet Nolen

Therapist RotterdamMy practice in Rotterdam is the place where clients have the space, the freedom and the confidence to deal with difficult inner issues. In working with clients I find true daily fulfilment of my work and life.

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Doesjka Tromp

Psychologist HaarlemThe beauty of my work is that I’m still learning. Every person is unique and every procedure is different. Without exception, it’s inspiring to see what people can do. What every other individual can, you can too!

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Petra Wessels

Psychologist LeidenIn my life as an expat, any questions and problems I have are unique; that is they are specific to my experiences and circumstances. My work background is rather diverse. And now in my current work, I am able to apply my past work experiences and various skills learned along the way to help me get to the heart of the matter fast, i.e. to what is most important.

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Monique Koel

Psychologist LeidenI believe that, as a therapist, it is my strength to help you realize that your story is worth telling and that you can influence how you and others interpret each chapter.

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