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About Annebet - therapist in Rotterdam

Annenet NolenYoung as I was, I knew exactly what I wanted: something to do with fashion. Something to do with creativity and clothes. I knew I wanted to have a career. To travel. To earn a living. To create beautiful things.

I went straight for my goal. Followed the right courses. Found the right jobs. I also had the talent: creative talent, but above all talent in working with people. I made it to designer and later product and unit manager at various companies such as Mexx and O’Neill.

Something was missing
I enjoyed the work. It was very close to my heart, even if, while climbing the career ladder, I was growing further and further away from the shop floor – both creatively and in terms of contact with people. Things were going well for me. My private life and my work were both flourishing. But there was still that sense of emptiness.

Steps in the right direction
My father died. That was the immediate reason why I started to ask myself the questions I should have asked long ago. I was confronted with the basic life issues that ought to make everything worthwhile.

I gave up my job so that I could concentrate full time on my artistic work. I moved into a studio and got down to work there, day after day, week after week, month after month. I used images, which were my reference after all, to try to come to grips with the big questions as well as everything going on in my head, the smaller uncertainties, difficulties, and awkward thoughts.

Not alone
That really worked for me. I rediscovered important parts of myself and I was able to give my life real meaning. Well, perhaps not completely. Not quite. What I missed was ‘other people’. That’s what I discovered when I showed my work to friends and we started talking about it. Not just for myself, but for them, too. The penny dropped. All at once I felt completely at home.

The core
The courses that I subsequently followed were ones that I chose very carefully. I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be able to get to the core of life’s complaints, questions and problems. A core that cannot always be captured in words or conversations, in which intuition plays as much of a role as expertise and insight.

This core also requires peace, room to reflect, so I wanted to create an environment in which clients had the space, the freedom and the confidence to deal with difficult inner issues. My practice is now that place. In working with clients I find true daily fulfilment of my work and life.


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